Intellectual property law

Patent & Trademark

Ye & Partners provides a system for holding and managing intellectual property rights such as patents, brands, trade secrets, etc. owned by companies, providing consulting to establish a management system for this part, researching prior art in relation to patent applications, and making rights. Is advising the strategy for In addition, rights are used in various criminal proceedings and anti-competition laws permitted by law, such as using the rights of patent holders. It is strongly protected.


Ye & Partners is making various efforts to protect works created with the efforts and capabilities of the creators, such as various cultural contents and computer software. In particular, we provide our own copyright violation monitoring service to protect the copyrights of photographs, images, sound sources, and videos, and continue to strive to achieve a virtuous cycle structure in which creators reinvest in new creations by regaining their legitimate rights stipulated by the law. There is.

Trade Secret

In order to prevent damage to domestic companies and national property rights due to the leakage of advanced technology, related regulations such as the Unfair Competition Prevention and Trade Secret Protection Act and the Industrial Technology Disclosure Prevention and Protection Act are gradually strengthening. Nevertheless, crimes related to this continue to occur. Once a company secret leak occurs, damage to the company becomes inevitable. In order to fundamentally block such risks, legal advice is provided to employees of the company. In the event of a dispute, we are focusing on minimizing damage through prompt resolution.


Recently, the mass entertainment cultural business and the sports industry have been developing in terms of the size and quality of the market, and as a result, disputes over portrait rights, among companies and groups, among popular culture and sports persons have frequently arisen. Ye & Partners deals with all legal issues related to film, record and music, video, drama, broadcasting, internet, new media, and theater.

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