Ye & Partners was established in 2012 to provide more substantial and high-quality legal services to customers in line with the changing times of internationalization and specialization.


Ye & Partners is a law firm devoted to customers with skill and sincerity. Based on the spirit and sincerity of people-centeredness, we provide practical solutions that meet the needs of customers.


Ye & Partners aims to contribute to society by creating a desirable community of legal experts who practice ethics, public interest, and democracy as well as business expertise.

Ye&partners company


Ye & Partners is a lawsuit ㆍ arbitration, construction ㆍ real estate, M & A, labor, fair trade, corporate general ㆍ international transaction, finance ㆍ securities, bankruptcy ㆍ restructuring, criminal, intellectual property rights, tax, environment, information and communication ㆍ Internet, We provide housekeeping and comprehensive legal services to all sites including medical, entertainment, media, culture, and overseas business.


Ye & Partners is not satisfied with the reality in the future, and seeks to stand tall as a group of professional lawyers through ceaseless self-reflection and self-development based on the various know-how it has achieved so far. We promise to become a law firm that can grow together with customers by maintaining the standards

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