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From our experience in the legal area, we’ve discovered that many foreigners having legal issue about korea law fail to protect their own rights due to inadequate legal counsel. We’ve met tons of victims who totally have no idea where to begin the process to recovery

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Kenny Kim

General representative responsible for civil, criminal, and divorce cases of the global center of the Yeyul Law Firm.

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Civil Litigation
A case where an overseas buyer placed an order with a domestic manufacturing company, made a payment, but did not receive the goods, leading to a lawsuit for damages.
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Arbitration request case between Singapore and Korean Entertainment Companies
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Criminal case
A Thai client, who thought they were receiving their own package but later discovered it was a misdelivered shipment of narcotics, leading to prosecution for drug trafficking.
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A case where the plaintiff, residing abroad, filed for divorce after 15 years of separation following the dissolution of the marital relationship.
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Real Estate
Administrative work on the progress of a power of attorney for disposition of real estate necessary in Korea when residing in the United States and processing other documents

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