Yeyul Law Firm wins lawsuit for compensation for leakage of customer personal information due to Interpark hacking

Yeyul Law Firm announced on the 9th that it ultimately won a lawsuit for damages filed on behalf of Interpark members, claiming that Interpark, where a personal information hacking incident occurred, “neglected its obligation to protect personal information forcibly collected for membership registration.”

In May 2016, Interpark's in-house PC network was hacked, and personal information (name, gender, date of birth, mobile phone number, address, etc.) of approximately 25.4 million customers was leaked. At the time, it was reported that Interpark was not aware of the hacking until the hacker first demanded a large amount of money under the pretext of personal information.


The compensation for this victory can be applied for on the Yeyul Law Firm website(, and will be deposited into each account sequentially starting from mid-December.

Attorney Kim Sang-gyeom of the law firm Yeyul said, “The fight that started in 2016 has been going on for over five years. “I was unable to receive the alimony I originally intended, but I was able to ultimately win the case thanks to the clients who trusted me until the end,” he said. “I hope that the results of this lawsuit will be an opportunity to sound a wake-up call to large corporations about the importance of personal information protection,” he said.

He continued, “Like this case, lawsuits against large corporations can unintentionally take a long time, so it is not easy for an individual to handle them alone. “However, if individuals come together and file a group lawsuit, it is possible to request a law office at a low cost, so you can receive fair compensation for damages without any special effort,” he advised.


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