Case of Dispute Settlement of Parts Defects with Korean Companies

This case is a dispute due to defects in goods.

*Overview of the incident
Company A, a Singaporean company, ordered machine parts from B, a Korean company. The Korean company that received the order shipped the parts and sent them to Singapore. However, the parts were rusty and the Korean company was at fault. Singapore company A asked the Korean company to solve the problem, but the Korean company did not respond. Eventually, the Singapore company asked Ye&Partners to resolve the case.

*A lawyer's work processing
We were commissioned by Company A and analyzed the case closely. If we proceed with the lawsuit, we assumed that we could win the case We tried to negotiate by sending mail to the other party first. If you proceed with the lawsuit, the case will proceed for one to two years. The client didn't have time, so we worked on a faster solution.
Based on the contents of the case we analyzed, we sent a mail to the other party who is a Korean company. It was a written opinion containing legal analysis, legal action, and legal regulations.
The negotiation table was handled by our law firm.
The client visited from Singapore. The client and the other party were able to negotiate with each other, and it was conducted with the intention of reaching good results.
The client and the other party made an adjustment to the details, such as the shipment date, total cost burden, etc. and the deadline because of client traveled a long distance to visit.
Additionally, communication between the two parties was complicated, Because both parties included engagements, consumer time, and cost, it was a sensitive issue. The role of a lawyer in the middle was important. As a conclusion, a resolution was reached at the negotiating table that satisfied all parties, The client returned to Singapore with satisfactory results.

Are there any legal issues involved?

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