Foreigners and Koreans Divorce in Three Months

on behalf of a foreigner, divorce from a Korean

1. Outline of the case
The Belgian client has been married to a Korean for about 5 years. There was an agreement on divorce with Koreans, but they were unable to divorce due to distance problems. Our client had a lot of worries because Koreans were constantly demanding a legal divorce from our client. I just saw the website of ye&partners and proceeded with divorce counseling to our lawyer.

2. The work of Korean lawyers

Under Korean law, if there is an agreement on divorce between the parties, it is possible to divorce quickly. We asked the Belgian client for the documents needed for divorce as soon as possible and submitted the documents related to the appointment of a lawyer to the court. (If you appoint a Korean lawyer, you can proceed with the divorce without coming to Korea, so foreigners should consult a lawyer to proceed with the divorce.) Since then, we have proved to the court that the divorce agreement has been reached between the parties. Then I asked the court to issue a quick divorce ruling. The court, which carefully checked our evidence, accepted our claim and agreed to divorce.

3. Results
The client divorced the other party in three months.

Are there any legal issues involved?

Should I negotiate with a Korean or initiate a lawsuit in a Korean court? The law firm where the interpreter works is located here. All of these processes can be carried out NON-STOP through a professional Korean lawyer. Contact us for consultation right now. Professional staff will respond kindly.

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