How to apply for Provisional disposition prohibiting the disposal of real estate

1. what is preliminary injunction of the estate disposal

Regard to real estate Transfer of debtor's ownership of real estate, establishment of mortgage, right to lease, and right to lease It refers to a provisional injunction that prohibits any disposition action.
In other words, This refers to putting in place safety measures to prevent the spouse from selling real estate while filing for divorce.

2. When can do preliminary injunction of the estate disposal

Measures taken to prevent the divorce partner from disposing of his or her property is You can also apply before filing for divorce.

3. Injunction of the estate disposal

Costs are incurred because the application is separate from the lawsuit.
In other words, separate costs are incurred from divorce proceedings.
To apply for a provisional injunction, submit the provisional injunction application and explanatory materials to the district court having jurisdiction over the place where the subject of dispute is located, or If the main case (i.e. divorce suit) is filed, submit it to the court with jurisdiction over it.

This is a procedure in accordance with Korean law.For foreigners, detailed procedures may vary.
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