Civil Law


From the initial pre-litigation phase onward, Ye & Partners cultivates a close rapport with clients, offering guidance and counsel to ensure a judicious response in safeguarding their rights. Additionally, our seasoned attorneys, adept in litigation practices, and our dynamic and ambitious legal professionals, armed with specialized knowledge, collectively deliver comprehensive legal services for a myriad of legal concerns. Ye & Partners demonstrates exemplary dispute resolution prowess by incorporating a profound understanding of clients' perspectives, underpinned by expertise in the relevant field, litigation acumen, and a commitment to genuine legal proceedings.
Litigation & Regulation


Lately, there's been significant growth in the mass entertainment and sports sectors, both in market size and quality. This surge has led to a rise in conflicts over image rights, involving companies, groups, and individuals in popular culture and sports. Ye & Partners addresses a wide range of legal matters related to film, music, video, drama, broadcasting, internet, new media, and theater.


Depending on the social activities of individuals and companies, there are many cases where they have to take responsibility regardless of whether they are intentional or negligent.In particular, in the case of companies, as the importance of the social role has emerged, responsibility for corporate activities has become a very important issue. We provide the best legal advisory service to resolve this quickly and reasonably.

Health Care Litigation

In the arena of healthcare, various legal challenges may arise, necessitating careful consideration and resolution. Individuals and healthcare institutions often find themselves navigating issues related to patient rights, regulatory compliance, and other matters. Our legal team is dedicated to offering unparalleled advisory services to address these concerns swiftly and fairly. Whether it involves disputes arising from compliance issues or other healthcare-related challenges, we strive to provide the highest quality legal guidance, recognizing the significance of healthcare institutions in fulfilling their societal responsibilities. Our commitment is to navigate health care litigation with expertise, ensuring optimal resolution for our clients.

Trade Secret

Through our trade secret protection services, clients can safeguard critical information such as proprietary technology, business processes, and customer lists. We offer a range of services, including confidentiality agreements and resolution of intellectual property disputes, to assist businesses in maintaining a competitive edge and securely managing confidential information.

Class Actions

We provide a range of services in the field of Class Actions to effectively assist clients in large-scale litigation. Offering specialized advisory services in various areas, including consumer protection, finance, environmental issues, we develop diverse strategies for efficient resolution. Our services aim to deliver optimal results to clients through the protection of consumer rights, compliance monitoring, and comprehensive support throughout the litigation process.

Intellectual Property

Navigating the intricate landscape of intellectual property disputes in Korea, our firm offers comprehensive litigation support. Whether it's patent, trademark, or copyright issues, our expert team provides tailored assistance to address conflicts arising from infringement and unauthorized use. With industry-specific expertise, we develop specialized strategies to safeguard our clients' intellectual property rights effectively.

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