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Ye & Partners Law Firm provides legal assistance for businesses or individuals located in Korea, particularly when visiting Korea is challenging due to overseas residency. Our concierge services are designed to facilitate engagements with both Korean and international entities, catering to a wide range of legal needs. The examples mentioned above serve as illustrations without being limited to these specific offerings. We are dedicated to delivering tailored legal solutions that meet the unique requirements of our clients engaged in activities both in Korea and internationally.

NOTE: Our Services EXCLUDE support for VISA-related matters.

Legal Advice and Consulting

We provide expert advice and consulting on various legal issues, including litigation, business, contracts, intellectual property, and labor.

Contract Drafting
and Review Support

Tailoring contracts to meet clients' needs, we ensure legally valid and secure agreements through drafting and reviewing processes.

ℹ️ Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts tailored to the unique needs of clients.
ℹ️ Advising on contractual obligations, dispute resolution clauses, and risk mitigation strategies.

International Trade
and Overseas Business Support

Addressing international legal issues for Korean businesses and individuals, we offer legal services necessary for overseas business activities.

ℹ️ Establishing overseas branches for Korean corporations.
ℹ️ Company registration and business license issuance.
ℹ️ Offering legal counsel on cross-border agreements, partnerships, and negotiations.

and Representation
with Public Institutions

For matters challenging to handle directly from overseas, we provide representation in Korea from Ye & Partners Law Firm.

ℹ️ Pension and Korean public institution-related matters.

Real Estate-related
Legal Support

We customize real estate services to meet client needs, ensuring effective legal support while complying with local regulations and laws.

Law-related Services

We offer various services based on administrative law to address legal issues that may arise in interactions with public institutions.

ℹ️ Navigating regulatory frameworks and liaising with government authorities for regulatory approvals.
ℹ️ Providing legal guidance on administrative procedures and compliance matters.

Legal Opinion Services

ℹ️ Providing comprehensive legal opinions on various matters, ensuring a clear understanding of legal implications.
ℹ️ Assisting clients in making informed decisions based on our expert analysis.

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