Adapting to the current trend of diverse criminal case matters and the intricate nature of such cases, Ye & Partners delivers tailored legal services with a focus on lawyers well-versed in both theory and practice. We strive to offer client-centric, satisfaction-guaranteed legal assistance through the expertise of seasoned lawyers experienced in advising and representing clients in criminal cases. Clients can benefit from Ye & Partner’s Law Firm's comprehensive coverage of various criminal areas, ensuring they receive effective and thorough legal support.
Various Criminal Case Field Services
Our legal expertise covers a diverse range of criminal case fields, including but not limited to:


Representing clients in fraud cases, conducting thorough investigations, and formulating defense strategies to achieve fair and just verdicts.

Drug Offenses

Providing strategic legal support in drug-related criminal cases, developing effective defense strategies and negotiating with prosecutors for optimal outcomes.


Defending clients accused of defamation, presenting compelling arguments to strengthen their position and achieve a fair judgment.

Sexual Offenses

Ensuring client rights and crafting appropriate defense strategies in cases involving sexual offenses, including adultery and sexual assault.

Voice Phishing

Providing legal support for suspects in voice phishing cases, from the investigation stage to arguments, ensuring protection of rights and conducting effective legal representation.

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