Procedural things to know when filing a civil lawsuit in Korea

While initiating a civil case in Korea, you should be concerned with the following points

Proactive evidence preparation: to win in litigation, enough evidence must be acquired.

adherence to the proper legal processes : proceeding in accordance with civil procedures.

The right choice of a lawyer: if you want to succeed in a civil dispute, the lawyer ought to be proficient and experienced.

Compliance with relevant laws and regulations: Civil cases must be processed in compliance with all applicable laws and rules.

Following these instructions will help you successfully file a civil lawsuit in Korea.

The following are the civil procedures in Korea

Litigation: The litigant (defendant) files an application for submission of civil action.

Acceptance of Litigation: After receiving a request to file a lawsuit, the relevant court accepts the case.

Litigation commencement: When a lawsuit is filed, both the accuser and the accused are both entitled to present evidence and witnesses.

Investgating of Evidence: When an investigation of evidence is conducted, the competent court will review the evidence to determine the facts.

Judgment: After reviewing the evidence investigation, the court renders a decision The ruling shall be maintained in the final judgment and shall be respected after the judgment is announced.

If you follow these procedures, you can proceed with a civil lawsuit in Korea.

The court with jurisdiction over civil litigation in Korea is the district court.

The jurisdiction of the court is determined by the area of residence, location, etc. Each court can handle civil proceedings within a specific area, which enables active processing of civil proceedings.

Therefore, if a foreign company wants to file a civil lawsuit against Korea, it must check whether there is an agreement on the jurisdiction of the Korean court.

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