How do I serve by public notice?

Service by public notice is made when the address, etc. or place of work of the party is unknown, or
It is impossible to comply with the provisions of Article 191 regarding service to be made in a foreign country, or
In cases where it is recognized that this will not be effective, delay in litigation may be permitted.

When it is deemed necessary to avoid Service by public notice may be ordered upon application by the parties.
If a party applies for service by public notice, he or she must explain the reason.
For service by public notice, a court clerk, etc. keeps the documents to be served and posts the reason on the court bulletin board, or
In addition, other methods prescribed by the Supreme Court Rules, such as publication in the Official Gazette, Gazette or newspaper, or public announcement using electronic communication media, are followed.
Service by public notice may be made several times depending on the course of the lawsuit, including delivery of a copy of the complaint and attendance notice.

In this case, the first public notice service takes effect two weeks after the date of execution in accordance with the regulations. However,
Any subsequent service by public notice to the same party will take effect from the day after it is made.
In the case of public notice for service to be made in a foreign country, it takes effect after February.

This is a procedure in accordance with Korean law. For foreigners, detailed procedures may vary.
Please chat or email for specific details.

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