What are the ways to get divorced? types of divorce

There are many people who want to get a divorce but don't know how to start.

There are three methods of divorce.
In other words, divorce can only be achieved in three ways: divorce by agreement, divorce by mediation, and divorce by litigation.
Divorce changes status, including the family relationship register, so strict procedures must be followed.
If you have difficulty choosing, please choose according to the following questions.
Everyone agrees to divorce. If there are no children and the amount of property division is small and some concessions are possible > Mediation divorce
In my experience, if the person is impossible to talk to and is unlikely to listen to the mediator, > litigated divorce.

Divorce by agreement

Among these, the quickest and simplest procedure is divorce by agreement. It takes about 2 months if you don't have children, and about 4 months if you have children. In the divorce process by agreement, there is no question about property division.

  1. The couple expresses their intention to divorce,

  2. Who will have custody?

  3. After deciding how much child support is to be set,

  4. Both of you can go to the court and file it.

After the deliberation period has passed, both of you go back to the court and sign the confirmation form to end the case.

mediation divorce

Mediation divorce is as fast as divorce by agreement, but can handle property division like litigation divorce.
Mediation divorce is similar to divorce by agreement in that both parties must agree to divorce.
However, it is similar to a litigated divorce in that both parties can maximize their claims and receive suggestions from the mediator.
Mediation usually lasts for four months and ends with the parties attending the final mediation date after exchanging documents two or three times.
After listening to both parties' opinions, the mediation committee member makes a mediation plan that he or she believes is appropriate.
If even one of the couple disagrees with this opinion, the mediated divorce is automatically changed to a litigated divorce.
In cases where divorce is decided through mediation, it is very useful because it is the court's opinion on property division, like a litigation divorce.
If there is not much disagreement, we recommend mediation divorce.

litigation divorce

Litigation divorce is a procedure in which both parties maximize their claims and receive a judge's decision.

  1. Divorce status

  2. solatium

  3. custody, child support

  4. division of property

If there is little possibility of negotiation or mediation on any of the above issues, a way to save time is to proceed directly with a litigated divorce.
Litigation divorce can take from as short as 6 months to as long as over a year, and if many factual inquiries (National Tax Service, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, etc.) are conducted for property division, the trial period can be extended further.

This is a procedure in accordance with Korean law. For foreigners, detailed procedures may vary.
Please chat or email for specific details.

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