Is it possible to proceed with non-face-to-face divorce proceedings?

Yes, it is possible.

1. If you want to proceed with a divorce without meeting your spouse in person

If the parties have reached some agreement on the terms of divorce, they can apply for a mediated divorce.
And at the mediation date, the attorney you appointed will attend on your behalf.

2. If there is no agreement on divorce

However, if mediation is not possible and divorce proceedings proceed in court, there are minor children.
Agreement on parental authority, designation of caregiver, child support, interview negotiations, division of assets, alimony, etc.
If the claims differ on various issues, the parties may be interrogated at the hearing date.
You may be required to appear in court. In this case, the other spouse's assault, verbal abuse, etc.
In cases where it is difficult or fearful to see the other spouse for any reason, failure to appear at the court
You may request extenuating circumstances in advance.
Also, during a family investigation, a two-way investigation may be conducted at the discretion of the investigator.
The parties may request a separate investigation from a domestic affairs investigator.

This is a procedure in accordance with Korean law. For foreigners, detailed procedures may vary.
Please chat or email for specific details.

Are there any legal issues involved?

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