What is divorce by public notice?

When a lawsuit is filed, notify the other party that a lawsuit has been filed.
In order to provide an opportunity to defend against this, the court ex officio Sending documents related to a lawsuit is called service.
The method of service is delivery by delivery, where documents are delivered directly to the person receiving the service.
In principle, however, if such delivery is not possible,

In particular, the intention of the parties is very important. In divorce litigation, the other party's address is unknown, etc.
The general method of delivering a written divorce complaint to the other party is
In case special circumstances arise where delivery cannot be made, according to certain procedures and requirements.
By the method of public notice prescribed by the Civil Procedure Act, such as posting on the court bulletin board.
Divorce by public notice is considered to have been served on the other party.

However, in consideration of the special nature of these divorce proceedings, the court
We strictly adhere to the requirements and methods of service by public notice.
(For example, if it is unclear whether the other party in the divorce suit currently resides in Korea
Instead of proceeding directly with the public service procedure, the other party's immediate parents, siblings, etc.
If you live in the country, send a delivery to the address of your parents, siblings, etc.We are taking a method to ensure delivery through procedures)

This is a procedure in accordance with Korean law. For foreigners, detailed procedures may vary.
Please chat or email for specific details.

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