I saw the other person engaging in pornographic chat. Is this grounds for divorce?

It would be difficult for the fact of pornographic chatting itself to be grounds for divorce.

However, when the other person engages in lewd chatting, the trust between the couple is broken.
If the marriage has broken down to the point where it is difficult to continue
It may be recognized as grounds for divorce in a trial under Article 840, Paragraph 6 of the Civil Act.

The court found that, in fact, her wife frequently video chatted with an unspecified number of men.
She committed an unacceptable act that went against the faith between her husband and her husband.
Even after knowing this and leaving the house, she did not make enough efforts to change her husband's mind.
Since they are separated as they have not shown any signs of self-reflection, Article 840, Paragraph 6 of the Civil Act
It can be said to fall under ‘other serious reasons that make it difficult to continue the marriage.’
The husband's claim for divorce and alimony has been cited.

In a newspaper article about pornographic chatting and divorce,

Seoul Family Court Family Affairs Division 4 (Chief Judge Hong Joong-pyo) said that Mr. A said, “My wife used internet video chat.
“I committed an unfaithful act with other men,” she said, filing a complaint against her wife, B.She announced on the 12th that in the divorce case, a ruling was made on the 2nd that “her wife must divorce her husband and pay her husband 20 million won in alimony.”

The court said, “It was also her husband’s fault for not actively dissuading her or having a sufficient conversation with her.
The fundamental responsibility for the breakdown of the marriage was with other men.
“This is to her wife who broke the fidelity between her husband and wife through her lewd video chats,” he said.

This is a procedure in accordance with Korean law. For foreigners, detailed procedures may vary.
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