The other person quit their job. Is this grounds for divorce?

Just because the other person quits his or her job does not mean that a divorce is possible immediately.
However, if your spouse quits his job without consulting you and ceases economic activity for a long period of time,
By breaking the trust between her husband and her husband by neglecting housework and childcare, etc.
If the marriage relationship has broken down to the point where recovery is difficult.
There is a possibility that this may be grounds for divorce under Article 840, Paragraph 6 of the Civil Act.

The court ruled that the husband unilaterally quit his job and started gambling without consulting the other party.
After a bitter fight over this, they went back to their home.
In a matter where the wife moved without informing her husband, thereby causing her separation,
The couple decides unilaterally on matters that should be discussed and decided together,
Through dialogue and consideration, conflicts between couples that may arise during the marriage period are resolved.
Both couples who did not make efforts to resolve the issue would be held responsible for the breakdown of their marriage.
Excessive investments and gambling place an economic burden on households, resulting in
The husband, who betrayed his wife's trust first, was judged to be more responsible for the breakdown of her marriage.
My wife's request for divorce and alimony has been accepted.
(Busan Family Court, 2018 Dedan 213503 (main suit), 2019 Dedan 202548 (counterclaim), decided on November 29, 2019)

This is a procedure in accordance with Korean law. For foreigners, detailed procedures may vary.
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