The other person has excessive hobbies. Is this grounds for divorce?

The other person's excessive hobby is not immediately grounds for divorce.

However, if the spouse focuses only on her hobbies and neglects housework and childcare,
Regarding her hobbies, she continues to spend more than her income compared to her income.
As a result, the trust between the couple is broken and the marriage becomes difficult to continue.
If a breakdown has occurred, it may be recognized as grounds for divorce under Article 840, Paragraph 6 of the Civil Act.

The court actually likes cars and stereos, rather than surrounding the other party with affection and consideration.
By giving the impression that one values one's hobbies, it ultimately creates a gap in trust between the couple.
She admitted that her husband was at fault for the breakdown of the marriage.

However, her wife also unfairly uses her harsh language to express her uncomfortable feelings toward her in-laws.
She lost her husband's faith and trust by refusing her husband's request to return home even after completing her studies.
Since there was a fault and both parties were equally responsible, the divorce claim was upheld but the alimony claim was dismissed.

Suwon District Court, 2011.11.29 Sentence 2010LE2072 (Click on the case number on the left to view the full case law.)

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