Procedure for receiving alimony for infidelity

A. agreement

If you try to go to court, it will be a burden in terms of cost and time.
It can be frustrating. In this case, before proceeding with litigation,
we Intervene and ask the client about his / her intention to reach an agreement and then reach an agreement with the other party
You will try.

B. lawsuit

There are two ways to file an alimony claim.
First, while filing a divorce suit against your spouse, How to claim alimony against an adulterer.
The second way is to file a divorce suit.
You can file a claim for alimony without filing a complaint.
If you have children or are considering divorce for financial reasons,
After filing a lawsuit for alimony only against the adulterer, a divorce lawsuit is filed.

You can raise it.

C. compulsory execution

Compulsory execution occurs when the other party to the affair fails to pay alimony.
It refers to the forcible performance of an obligation through state power.

You can apply if you have a mediation record or divorce final judgment.
If the other party has no property, alimony cannot be paid.
because of. Provisional seizure and provisional disposition of the other party's property, etc.
It is very important to take conservation measures.

This is a procedure in accordance with Korean law. For foreigners, detailed procedures may vary.
Please chat or email for specific details.

Are there any legal issues involved?

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