The other person often lies and comes home late. Is this grounds for divorce?

The fact that your partner lies and comes home late alone is not grounds for divorce.
However! 'Recovery of marital relationship due to repeated lies and late return home'
If it has reached a point where it is difficult to break up, it can be grounds for divorce.

In reality, she often came home late and stayed out late under the pretext of work, neglecting housework and raising children.

Finally, he ran away from home and did not inform his spouse and children of his exact whereabouts.
By cutting off contact, he abandoned his spouse and children, and even after dating someone of the opposite sex and this fact was discovered.
Continuing relationships without doing your best to regain the trust and affection of your family
In cases where actions have irreparably broken down the marital relationship,
There was a court ruling that these acts were grounds for divorce.
(Seoul Family Court, 2005 DeHap 5201, 6693 (merged) decision decided on January 24, 2007).

Therefore, the continued late return home, the subsequent lies, and these actions are repeated, damaging the marital relationship.
If it has become difficult to maintain the marriage, there are other serious reasons that make it difficult to continue the marriage under Article 840 (6) of the Civil Act.
You can file for divorce at trial by asserting and proving that this is the case.

This is a procedure in accordance with Korean law. For foreigners, detailed procedures may vary.
Please chat or email for specific details.

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