What can I do if my spouse hasn't told me he's remarried?

The Supreme Court said, “‘Fraud’ stipulated in Article 816, Paragraph 3 of the Civil Act includes not only cases where one party to a marriage or a third party actively notifies false facts, but also cases where a party passively fails to provide notice or remains silent [Supreme Court] 2015M654 (main suit), 2015M661 (counterclaim), decided on February 18, 2016].” It was ruled that ‘if a party marries by lying to the other party about his or her marital history, the marriage can be annulled.’ (Seoul Family Court 2005 Dehab 2103, decided on August 31, 2006).

Therefore, if A did not tell B that A had been married and divorced before marrying B, and B naturally knew that A was married for the first time, then B, who later learned of A's marriage, could have asked A to cancel the marriage. can.

In addition, these circumstances are serious reasons that make it difficult to continue the marriage due to the destruction of the relationship of trust between the couple, so they are also grounds for divorce in court.

And since Party A's actions are clearly illegal, Party B can also claim compensation for damages under Article 806 of the Civil Act.

This is a procedure in accordance with Korean law. For foreigners, detailed procedures may vary.
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