The other person lied about their occupation before marriage. Is this grounds for divorce?

You found out that your significant other lied about his job before marriage!
Sometimes, the parties involved in a marriage want to look good to the other party or to consummate the marriage.
There are cases where facts are exaggerated, unfavorable facts are concealed, or false promises are made.
Apart from feeling embarrassed and betrayed,
Just because you lied about your job before marriage does not mean you can get a divorce in court.

However! Lies about property relations, financial ability, family history, occupation, etc. before marriage, and the lies are discovered after marriage.
If the marital relationship breaks down due to lack of understanding or forgiveness between the couple,
This may fall under the grounds for divorce under Article 840, Article 6 of the Civil Act, ‘Other serious reasons for making it difficult to continue the marriage.’

On the other hand, if the marriage is due to fraud, it may be grounds for canceling the marriage (Article 816, Paragraph 3 of the Civil Act).
A party to a marriage or a third party deceives the other party or both parties to the marriage by illegal means
When the marriage partner or both parties express their intention to marry and the marriage is established, it is called a marriage by fraud.
Regarding this, the court ruled that in order to annul a marriage on the grounds of fraud, the essential content of the marriage must be
It can be said that there must be deception, but usually deception about property relations, economic ability, family history, occupation, etc.
Even if the falsity is discovered after the marriage because it does not concern the essential content of the marriage, such a marriage is not permitted.

It may be said that it is desirable to resolve the matter through divorce, but such deception involves active notification of false facts, etc.
If it was done through illegal means and the general public had not made a mistake due to such deception,
It is ruled that in cases where it appears that a marriage has not occurred, annulment of the marriage is permitted.

This is a procedure in accordance with Korean law. For foreigners, detailed procedures may vary.
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