What should I do about divorce after extramarital affairs?

1. What is an affair?

Having sexual intercourse with someone other than your wife or husband

2. Can I file a complaint for infidelity? (Criminal punishment)

Before adultery was abolished, criminal charges were possible.
However, now that the crime of adultery has been abolished, it is not possible to file a complaint.
However, it may be a reason to take into account when claiming civil alimony. You can.

3. What are the divorce procedures for infidelity?

1) What is divorce by agreement?

It refers to a divorce that a couple agrees with each other.
An application for divorce by agreement is made by the person with jurisdiction over the couple's place of registration or address.
The couple must appear together at the family court and submit an application for confirmation of intention to divorce by mutual consent.
Just submit it.

2) Mediation Divorce

This refers to a divorce achieved through mediation by the family court.
To explain it in detail, an amicable agreement can be reached between the two parties.
In cases where there is a possibility of this happening, at a stage before the divorce proceeds to trial.
This is a procedure carried out with the intervention of a court mediator.
In other words, if you think of it as an intermediate stage between divorce by agreement and divorce by trial. It's easy.

3) Trial divorce

If there is a certain cause, one side of the couple can file a request with the court for judgment.
Divorce is achieved by obtaining a divorce, which is called trial divorce.
We carefully analyze the situation through consultation with the client.
Thus, the client can obtain a favorable result during the trial divorce process.
We are here to help.

4. What about alimony when living outside the city?

1) Who receives alimony?

The claim will be filed against the spouse responsible for the affair.

2) What is the amount of alimony?

Depending on the degree of psychological damage suffered by the affair partner,
You can receive between 10 million and 30 million won.Of course, higher amounts are possible depending on the situation.

3) Infidelity divorce counseling case

[Case 1]

The client was preparing a divorce suit due to her husband's infidelity.
I happened to see my husband's KakaoTalk, and at that time my husband was at work.
I found out that she was meeting her junior.

The client did not want legal punishment. Therefore, We proposed an attempt to conduct an agreement. About 3 weeks of agreement
After going through the period, I received a settlement amount of 20 million won.
The case was concluded with conditions.

[Case 2]

A woman called me in an urgent voice.
The story is that her husband has been seeing another woman for several years.
I found out about this a week ago and was so shocked. I asked for help on how to deal with it.

Husband entering and leaving a motel with an adulterous woman, conversation between the two
Based on the contents, arguments were held and approximately 17 million won was awarded.
She received alimony and won the case.

[Case 3]

A man called me urgently. wife at work
He had an affair with a co-worker and eventually invited her into the house.
She said she had witnessed an act of adultery.

Compensation for adultery based on secured evidence, etc.
We have informed you that a lawsuit is possible.
Accordingly, the commercial side proposed an agreement.
In the end, it was conditioned on receiving a settlement of 23 million won.
We were able to resolve the situation.

This is a procedure in accordance with Korean law. For foreigners, detailed procedures may vary.
Please chat or email for specific details.

Are there any legal issues involved?

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