The other person is in contact with another man (woman). Is this grounds for divorce?

Just because a spouse is in contact with another person of the opposite sex does not immediately constitute grounds for divorce.

However, when considering the specific facts, our civil law stipulates as follows:
If there is a possibility that it falls under number 1 among the causes of divorce, ‘when the spouse committed an unfaithful act’, it will be recognized as a ground for divorce.

The court considers “the spouse’s unfaithful conduct” as grounds for judicial divorce in Article 840, Paragraph 1 of the Civil Act.
It is a broader concept that includes adultery, and although it does not extend to adultery, it does not extend to the marital chastity obligation.
This is because it is believed that this includes all unfaithful and unjust acts.

Therefore, whether it is an unlawful act for a spouse to have contact with someone of the opposite sex depends on the specific case.
This must be evaluated by taking into account the extent and circumstances, and the court determines that the spouse may have sex with someone of the opposite sex late at night.
They exchanged frequent text messages and phone calls, bought clothes for each other, and even wrote letters confessing their love.
In the case, we judged this to be an unjust act that violates the duty of chastity between spouses.

This is a procedure in accordance with Korean law. For foreigners, detailed procedures may vary.
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