The other party has lost contact/is missing. Is this the basis for divorce?

If your spouse runs away from home or loses contact without a justifiable reason, it may be grounds for divorce.
Our civil law stipulates that married couples must live together and support and cooperate with each other.
When a spouse abandons the other party with malicious intent or when it is otherwise difficult to continue the marriage
When there is a serious reason, it is recognized as a cause for divorce in court.

Therefore, if one spouse loses contact for a long period of time without a justifiable reason,
The spouses have obligations as a couple to cohabit, support, and cooperate with each other for no justifiable reason.
This corresponds to a case of giving up and abandoning the other party, or violating the husband and wife's cohabitation and support obligations;
One spouse is recognized as having deserted the other, or the marriage relationship can no longer be restored.
Since it is a case where it appears to be broken, you can file for divorce at trial on this grounds.
In addition to property division, you can also claim alimony against the at-fault spouse who caused the breakdown of your marriage.

This is a procedure in accordance with Korean law. For foreigners, detailed procedures may vary.
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Are there any legal issues involved?

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