The other person is negligent in raising children. Is this grounds for divorce?

Are you saying the other person is negligent in raising their children?
In our civil law, “indifference in raising children” is not stipulated as grounds for divorce in a trial.

However, the degree of neglect in raising children is the reason for divorce.
It can be an important criterion in determining whether something can be done.
He just doesn't play well with his children and is a blunt father.
It is not easy to prove culpability based on just a few reasons.
But as I said before, what if that goes too far? Results may vary.

For example, the degree of neglect in raising children is so severe that the children are neglected,
The level of neglect goes beyond the line of common sense.
If it reaches the level of abuse, it can be grounds for divorce.

In terms of grounds for divorce under Article 840 of the Civil Code, 4. When one’s lineal ascendant has been treated extremely unfairly by his or her spouse. This is because it is stipulated as grounds for divorce in court.

In the end, neglect of parenting alone is not grounds for divorce, but neglect of parenting is socially
If it has reached the level of neglect or abuse of a child beyond the acceptable limit,
This may be grounds for divorce under Article 840, Paragraph 4 of the Civil Act.

This is a procedure in accordance with Korean law. For foreigners, detailed procedures may vary.
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