The other person forces you to perform perverted acts. Is this grounds for divorce?

The other person harasses the spouse by requesting perverted sex, and this causes
If the marriage relationship has broken down to the point where it is difficult to recover, it is grounds for judicial divorce under Article 840, Paragraph 6 of the Civil Act.

The court ruled that he was causing hardship to his wife through coercive sexual intercourse, and as the condition became more severe, he introduced other people into the marital relationship.
Even though his wife clearly refused, he asked her to engage in perverted sexual acts.
Persistently and continuously engaging in a form of sexual intercourse that the wife does not want, such as persistently requesting it.
Regarding the husband who made the request, “The defendant persistently and continuously requested unwanted forms of sexual activity.”
Seriously strengthens trust and affection between couples by providing the root cause of conflict.
The plaintiff was responsible for the breakdown of the marriage because he caused damage,” and set the alimony at 50 million won.

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