Is excessive education of children grounds for divorce?

Is your spouse too passionate about education for your children?
Depending on the severity, it may be grounds for divorce in court.

The court ruled that the wife was excessively obsessed with the education of her children even before they entered elementary school.
Despite her husband's dissuasion because her children did not meet her expectations,

They yell at their young children and discipline them harshly, and do not give them anything that satisfies them.
They only show favoritism to children who get good grades and personally abuse children who do not.
By not letting your child sleep, kicking them, or preventing them from sleeping, it can affect them as they grow up.
It made her feel fear and anger, and her wife said that her husband was not doing a good job of educating her.
By blaming her husband, the discord between her husband and her husband worsened, and they ended up having an emotional breakdown for about three years as they separated from each other.

In the case of living without her, it is believed that her wife is responsible for the breakdown of the marriage.
It has been ruled that it falls within the grounds of Article 840, Paragraph 6 of the Civil Act
(Seoul Family Court, 2009 Dehab 7786, decided on September 21, 2011).
As mentioned above, the passion for education for children is very excessive, resulting in marital conflict.
If the marriage has broken down, it can be considered grounds for divorce.

This is a procedure in accordance with Korean law. For foreigners, detailed procedures may vary.
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