If a father is raising a child, can't he receive child support?

You can receive it.

If the father has custody, the mother is also obligated to pay child support as a parent.
However, in a situation where the mother is a full-time housewife and has no actual income or assets,
When her father gets child support, the issue will be whether she can get child support from him.
When calculating child support, the Seoul Family Court's child support calculation standard is used as the standard.
The decision will be made taking other circumstances into consideration. However, in this table, the concept of minimum child support is included.

It makes clear that parents are obligated to pay child support even if they are incapable.
The Supreme Court also said, “Parents have a joint responsibility to raise their children, and the costs of raising them are also
In principle, the parents must jointly bear the burden, and this depends on which of the parents exercises parental authority.
Or, without asking who is the custodian and who is actually raising the child.
It has been ruled that “it is an obligation arising from the nature of paternity.”

This is a procedure in accordance with Korean law. For foreigners, detailed procedures may vary.
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