What criteria is used to determine who has custody?

The court said, "The gender and age of the minor child, the parents' affection for him and whether he has any intention to raise him,
Whether or not you have the financial ability to raise children, the intimacy between the father or mother and the minor,
Comprehensively considering all factors, including the minor's will,
We are setting standards by saying, “We determine the direction that is most helpful and appropriate for growth and welfare.”
In other words, the ultimate goal is to help the child's growth and well-being.
The court makes its decision by considering various conditions that determine the child rearing environment in detail.

Examples of detailed conditions are as follows.

  1. Gender and age of minor children

  2. parents' affection for their children

  3. To what extent are the parents’ intention to raise children?

  4. Do you have the financial ability to raise children?

  5. Closeness between parents and children

  6. your child's doctor

This is a procedure in accordance with Korean law.For foreigners, detailed procedures may vary.
Please chat or email for specific details.

Are there any legal issues involved?

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