What should I do to get a lot of child support?

Child support is determined based on the standard child support from the <Child Support Calculation Standard Table> prepared by the Seoul Family Court.
This child support calculation standard table serves as an important reference when the parties negotiate child support or the court calculates child support.The calculation standard table is based on the parents' combined income, and the combined income includes the parents' earned income, operating income, real estate rental income, interest income, government subsidies, and pension.

It is the total amount of net income combined. This is divided by the income ratio of each parent to determine child support.
The court is not necessarily bound by this calculation standard,
In each case, the specific child support amount is determined by considering the specific child support situation and the following additional and subtractive factors.

  • Is your area of residence urban or rural?

  • number of children

  • Is it a case of high treatment costs?

  • Did the parents agree on the high cost of education?

  • What is the parents' financial situation?

Therefore, in order to receive a large amount of child support (to calculate it properly), you must first properly understand the other person's assets and income.
Next, you must sufficiently demonstrate that there is a reason why child support should be added.
By using the property declaration application system and supplementary property inquiry application,
Reveal the other party's assets and income as much as possible, and claim the above-mentioned additional grounds to ensure that the child has a prior divorce record as much as possible.
Efforts should be made to ensure that children grow up in the same level of nurturing environment.

This process is not a simple matter for an individual to go through alone, so we recommend that you consult with an attorney.

Are there any legal issues involved?

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